Concrete Geta Band

Concrete Geta Band was formed in June 1978 and then we have continued practice once a week without rest until now.

We are amateur Rock Band of  the 1970's  as a  basis  and  play  mainly  original  songs  with  lyrics  in  Japanese .

Band Members

Guitar and Vocal     Q1 ABE     Loves Jimi Hendrix

Bass and Vocal        HAJI           Dub musicians because he hate practice

Drums and Vocal     GETA        Famous Chainese Chef

We can not survive if some band member died because of the three-pieces  band.
As  you alrady  know , there  are  many  Papa  and  Mama  Band  aruoud but we are  OLD  aged  Bnad.
In spaite of  old men we never stop Rock'n Roll music because we love it.

Please come to Song list sight and enjoy the Japanise Rock'n Rolls

Thank you